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Episode 91: On this episode, paranormal author and speaker, John Olsen, joins me on the show. John is author of the Stranger Bridgerland Book series. John began having strange paranormal experiences at the early age of 8 in an old farmhouse that he lived in in Northern Utah. For about 30 years, John has been interviewing people and documenting first-hand accounts of strange events, to include first-hand accounts of ghosts, monsters, hauntings, UFOs and Sasquatch. John shared some of these first hand accounts, to include his own paranormal experiences in the farmhouse and first hand stories of UFO encounters, Bigfoot sightings, haunted activity, shadow people, glitches in the matrix and much more. John also shared a story he collected about what may have been a native american entities, called a Wendigo.

You can find out more about John on his website, strangerbridgerland.com

The article on the possible UFO crash on Mars is located at: https://www.coasttocoastam.com/article/video-crashed-flying-saucer-spotted-on-mars/

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Investigating & Tracking Bigfoot with Mike Quast

On this episode, author and longtime Bigfoot researcher and investigator, Mike Quast, joins me on the show.  Mike is a lifelong resident of Minnesota and had a Bigfoot sighting at the early age of 8.  For over 30 years, Mike has been trying to find answers to the Bigfoot mystery.   In his book, Bigfoot Chronicles: A Researcher’s Continuing Journey Through Minnesota and Beyond, he documents close to 700 reports that he has researched and gathered over the years.  During the interview, we discussed some of the most interesting reports he has investigated and about the current location which he is continuing to investigate and is one of the most compelling cases he has ever investigated and is located on private piece of land.  Mike also claims that this single case has at least opened his mind to the possibilities that there could even be more to the Bigfoot story than just an elusive flesh and blood primate.  He has found that in addition to the Bigfoot sightings at the site, strange lights and other weird phenomena have also been witnessed.  Mike also mentioned that the latest sighting happened just this year on Halloween Day.  Mike also talked about how he was able to visit the site where the famous Patterson- Gimlin film footage was captured.  All of Mike’s books can be purchased on Amazon. 

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A Nightmarish Haunt with Lynn Monet


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Episode 89: On this episode, author Lynn Monet joins me to talk about her experience of buying a house only to find out soon afterwards that it was very haunted, as documented in her book, Omnipresent. Lynn bought the home at a low price and was surprised that such a beautiful looking home was offered at such an affordable price. Not long after purchasing the home, the haunted activity began. Lynn said the son of one of the former owners had committed suicide in the home and that she saw his apparition. She also believes there were two demons present in the home and that the haunted activity caused people who were doing work in the home to leave and not complete the job. Lynn also said she later learned that the previous owners had experienced haunted activity as well. Lynn and her children stayed in the home for a few nights and after experiencing paranormal activity, they never really moved in. She brought in a paranormal group and various religious clergy try to cleanse the home, but none of it got rid of the haunted activity. She sold the home just nine short months after purchasing it.

You can find out more about Lynn, her books and her story at, lynnmonet.com.

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All About Remote Viewing with Debra Katz & Jon Knowles


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Episode 88: On this episode, authors and remote viewers Debra Katz and Jon Knowles join me to talk about the intriguing practice of Remote Viewing. Remote Viewing was practiced by the military until at least 1995, if not longer, and has many practicioners to this day. Debra and Jon are both accomplished remote viewers and together they wrote the book, Associative Remote Viewing: The Art & Science of Predicting Outcomes for Sports, Politics, Finances & the Lottery. During the interview, Debra and Jon talking about the many applications of Remote Viewing, in addition to military applications, to include helping to locate lost objects, assisting with Law Enforcement cases, missing person cases and with the book, how to use it to for things like the Stock Market, Sports Betting and the Lottery. We also discussed events that Remote Viewing has been successful at predicting, such as helping to locate Sadaam Hussein and instances where people have even used Remote Viewing for winning tickets playing the Lottery. Debra also talked about how Remote Viewers have seen ETs and other unexplained experiences during remote viewing sessions and how remote viewing ties into the belief that consciousness resides outside the brain.

Debra Katz website: http://www.debralynnekatz.com

Jon Knowles website: jonknowles8.com

Article on the FEDEX pilots UFO sighting: https://anomalien.com/fedex-pilots-filmed-ufo-that-followed-their-plane-for-over-half-an-hour/

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Mass UFO Sightings (Phoenix Lights)

In March of 1997, large triangular objects appeared over the skies of Phoenix, known as the Phoenix Lights. This was considered one of the largest mass UFO sightings in modern history, with over 10,000 witnesses involved. Witnesses include a medical doctor and best selling author, Dr. Lynne Kitei, law enforcement personnel, air traffic control, pilots, a famous actor and many more. Ultimately, the Air Force tried to convince the public that what they witnessed that night were flares being deployed from aircraft operating on the Barry Goldwater Range. Many credible witnesses to the event consider the craft they saw to be otherworldly and reject the Air Force’s claim that these were flares? Do you think there is a rational explanation for what people witnessed on that night? What is your favorite UFO case and why.