Outlandish & Bizarre UFO Cases with Marcus Lowth



Episode 84:

On this episode, author and UFO researcher, Marcus Lowth joins me on the show.

Marcus Lowth is a writer with a love for UFOs, aliens, the paranormal, general conspiracies and unsolved mysteries. He has been writing and researching for over 20 years and is the Editor-in-Chief of UFO Insight, a website dedicated to providing in-depth articles discussing not only some of the most intriguing UFO sightings from history.

UFO Insight also covers alleged encounters with aliens and the paranormal. In late 2019, Marcus released his first UFO book, From Deep Within The Archives of UFO Insight: History’s Most Bizarre, Outlandish, and Controversial UFO and Alien Encounters.

Marcus talked about some of the cases from his book, From Deep Within the Archives of UFO Insight book, to include UFO encounters and abduction cases that many may not have heard of.

We discussed a 1952 case, where a B-52 had a strange sighting of a UFO over the Gulf of Mexico that looked that it joined up with a mother ship, along with many other bizarre UFO cases, to include one where a person was abducted and taken to an undersea alien base, the 1972 Rose Bowl Helicopter UFO sightings, the 1981 Hamilton Harbor UFO Incident, a Police Sergeant and his sighting of Tall White Aliens in the UK and much much more.

You can access some more of the stories Marcus writes about on the UFO Insight website at, UFOinsight.com

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Extraordinary Contract & Strange Encounters with Debra Jordan-Kauble



Episode 83:

On this episode, author, contactee and former MUFON Investigator, Debra Jordan Kauble joins me on the show.

Debra was the central figure in Budd Hopkins’s New York Times best-seller, “Intruders, the Incredible Visitations at Copley Woods”, originally published in 1987.In Debra’s new book, Extraordinary Contact, Life Beyond Intruders, she shares her close up and persona experiences with UFOs, poltergeists, the afterlife, EVPs, synchronicities, and non-human entities.

Debra talked about her contact experiences, to include the contactee experience she had in 1983, which was written about in the Intruders book.

Debra forgot most of the experience, but later began to recall more and more of it.

She also talked about a 1978 experience, where ETs entered her room at night and a near death experience that she had in 1979.

She also talked about a 1965 abduction experience her sister had and about the paranormal experiences her family had over the years, to include some strange experiences she had after her 1983 contact experience, to include a few poltergeist experiences in which she decided to also delve into paranormal investigating and research.

Debra talks about these incredible experiences and a little about her experiences while doing paranormal investigating.

She commented that she hopes people will continue to talk more freely about the ET abduction, contactee and paranormal experiences, so we can continue to learn and advance our knowledge of these strange encounters.

You can find out more about Debra and her work on here website at, http://www.debshome.com.

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Assisting the Dead & Helping Solve LE Cases with Rescue Medium Melinda Williams

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Episode 81: On this episode, Rescue Medium Melinda Williams joins me to talk about her working in assisting the dead. She discusses her work in assisting earthbound spirits with crossing over to the other side and about why ghosts decide to not crossover, to include dying a tragic death and either being unwilling to crossover, or passing so suddenly that they may not realize they have died. Melinda also talked about how she was visited by many of the victims of the 911 attacks to seek help to crossover and was even visited by a few of the 911 hijackers. Melinda also talked about her involvement in law enforcement cases, where she has assisted in not only missing persons cases, but also murder cases to assisted law enforcement with locating people, either dead or alive. Melinda talked about how she helped locate a girl who had been kidnapped and she helped to locate the house where she was being held, leading to her rescue. She also talked about how spirits have visited her to give her clues to help law enforcement locate the bodies, like the body of a girl who had drowned in a lake and she was able to help law enforcement to locate the body. Previous to this, law enforcement had spent weeks looking for the girl.

Want to do a session with Melinda, or find out more about her work, you can visit her website at, https://melindaenchantedvi.wixsite.com/website, or call her at 480-364-3977.

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The Wright-Patterson AFB ET Mystery & the Dexter UFO Case with Ray Szymanski

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Episode 80: On this episode, former Wright-Patterson AFB Engineer, Raymond Szymanski, returns to the show. Ray recently completed the third book in his Alien Shades of Greys series, Swamp Gas My Ass. Ray joined me to talk about the 1966 case he covers in the new book, which was a UFO incident that occurred in late March of 1966, where many people in and around the town of Dexter Michigan witnessed strange lights and craft in the sky. Ray interviewed one of the two F-106 pilots who were scrambeled from Selfridge AFB near Detroit to intercept the UFOs. The incident was investigated by the Air Force Project Blue Book’s Jay Allen Hynek, who quickly concluded that it was Swamp Gas, despite the many witnesses accounts, to include the Air Force pilot Ray interviewed. The Air Force pilot he interviewed claims he had radar lock on one of these craft and then it suddenly disappeared. Ray also discussed the research form his first book, Alien Shades of Greys: Evidence of Extraterrestrial Visitation to Wright-Patterson AFB and Beyond, where Ray believes there is at least two credible military witnesses, to include former Army Intelligence Officer Jesse Marcel, who said that material retrieved from the 1947 Roswell UFO crash was brought to Wright-Patterson to be analyzed and reverse engineered. He also talked about how some people who worked there believed had mentioned that ETs were being kept in the tunnels below the base. Wright-Patterson was also the Headquarters for the Air Force’s Project Blue Book. He also talked about his reasons for believing the Air Force’s Project Blue Book was setup to intentionally debunk UFO cases without properly investigating them, as was the case with the Dexter, MI UFO incident.

All Ray’s books can be purchased on Amazon.com.

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Spiritual Awakening, the UFO Phenomena, Ghosts & More with Mike Seniff

Episode 79: On this episode, Intuitive and Spiritual Healer, Mike Seniff. joins me to talk about spiritual or Kundalini awakening, how the Pineal Gland helps to unlock our spirituality and about how the UFO phenomena ties into expanded consciousness. Mike has experienced the paranormal all his life and also talked about ghosts and why they may linger, long after they have passed on. Mike’s journey is transformational and in addition to his spiritual work, he now runs a Healing Jewelry business. He discussed how a Near Death Experience (NDE) also changed his outlook on life and we talked about the commonalities among people who have experienced an NDE. Many come back with a renewed vigor for life and without a fear dying, knowing that there is a new life that awaits us on the other side. Mike just completed his first book, The Healing Garden, which is now available through his Etsy store.

You can find links to his Etsy store on his Instagram page at, https://www.instagram.com/mikeseniff/

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New UFO and ET Encounters with Preston Dennett

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Episode 78: On this episode, one of the hardest working UFO researchers joins me once again on the show, to talk about some new cases of UFO and ET encounters, as covered in his new book, Wondrous: 25 True UFO Encounters. Preston has been researching the UFO subject for well over 30 years and has written well over 20 books on UFOs and the paranormal. The cases covered, include UFO landings and witness reports of encounters with different types of ETs and of a few new stories of government whistleblowers who have told their stories to Preston, one of which was that ETs are working underground at Area 51 and how one whistleblower’s story about the location corroborates Bob Lazar’s claims. Preston also covered a case where a couple believes there unborn child was taken from them by ETs and about special messages given to people who have shared their amazing encounters with him.

To find out more about Preston and his work, you can visit his website at, preston.dennett.weebly.com.

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Strange Things & Mysterious Disappearances in the Woods with Steve Stockton



Episode 74: On this episode, Paranormal researcher and author, Steve Stockton, joins me to talk about the many strange things that happen in the woods. Steve is the author of the book, My Strange World, where he shares his experiences about strange things that have happened to him in the woods. Steve shares several stories about his strange experiences during the interview. Steve also wrote the book, Strange Things in the Woods, where he shares stories of strange things that have happened to other people in woods. During the interview, Steve also talked about many strange disappearances that have happened in the mountains and woods, which he researches and covers on his YouTube Channel, Missing Persons Mysteries. If you like stories about spooky things happening in the woods, you will love my interview with Steve. We also get into the discussions about Bigfoot and while Steve has never exactly seen a Bigfoot, he has had many other experiences that have led him to believe he has been near these elusive creatures while hiking in remote areas of the woods.

Click on the link to purchase a hardcopy of Steve’s book, My Strange World, on Amazon. https://amzn.to/3mf79wk
Kindle Version: https://amzn.to/3fz2XpD

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