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The Mandela Effect:

The Mandela Effect got its name from the fact that many people remember an alternate version of the Nelson Mandela story. Some remember that he was imprisoned by the Apartheid Regime and later died while in prison.


9 thoughts on “Passion4para Blog

  1. Have you had an experience with the Black-Eyed Kids? What do you think they are? Are they a demonic malevolent being, some sort of alien-human hybrid, or something else? What are your thoughts?


  2. I wonder if the black eyed children could be linked to slender man????? I don’t know much about either of them..I read slenderman can take children and return them changed


  3. Have you seen a UFO? Tell us about your experience.

    Do you believe you were the victim on an alien abduction? Was your experience similar, or different than other cases you have read or heard about?


  4. Do you believe there are demonic forces out there that can affect us and lead to oppression and possession? Have you ever experienced negative entities?

    Have you ever read about any famous reported demonic possession and exorcism cases such as the 1949 case that inspired the movie “The Exorcist”, or the Annaliese Michel case? What are your thoughts?


  5. The below URL provides a link to an Entity article on the Mandela Effect, with 50 examples provided. Is the Mandela Effect really just be chalked up to false memory. If so, then why do so many people remember events the wrong way, but remember the wrong the same way. If it were false memory, wouldn’t most remember many different versions of things the wrong way.

    Also, on Episode 25, with Rob Shelsky, he provides many examples which he believes are actual physical evidence for the Mandela Effect. Do you believe their may be something to phenomena? Do you have any examples you can think of that have not been covered in the article below?

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