Shadow People, Dopplegangers & More with Mike Ricksecker



Episode 73: On this episode, long-time Paranormal author, researcher and investigator, Mike Ricksecker, joins me to talk about the mysterious Shadow People or Shadow Entities. Mike is the author of the best-selling book, A Walk in the Shadows: A Complete Guide To Shadow People and several other paranormal related books. He has appeared on multiple television shows and programs as a paranormal historian, including the Travel Channel’s The Alaska Triangle, Animal Planet’s The Haunted and Bio Channel’s My Ghost Story and has appeared on the famous radio talk show, Coast to Coast AM. Mike talked about his own experience at a young age with a Shadow Person and a little about his experiences in investigating them. Could these entities be dark or demonic? Mike addresses this and says that there may be many other explanations for these entities, to include interdimensional, Extraterrestrial, or ghostly. I also asked Mike about Dopplegangers and what could explain this phenomena. He talked about how this phenomena could be the result of time slips and also does not rule out an interdimensional possibility. Finally, Mike and I discussed Poltergeist activity and whether or not he thinks poltergeist activity could be related to psychokinesis. Like the other topics, Mike does not pigeon-hole these topics and suggests that there could be more than one possibility for all of the phenomena we discussed. We also talked briefly about the mysterious disappearances in the Alaskan Triangle, which is a new book project Mike is working on. You can learn more about Mike’s work on his website at,

Click on the link to purchase a paperback copy of Mike’s book, A Walk In the Shadows, on Amazon.

Music by: Sergey Cheremisinov

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