Strange Things & Mysterious Disappearances in the Woods with Steve Stockton



Episode 74: On this episode, Paranormal researcher and author, Steve Stockton, joins me to talk about the many strange things that happen in the woods. Steve is the author of the book, My Strange World, where he shares his experiences about strange things that have happened to him in the woods. Steve shares several stories about his strange experiences during the interview. Steve also wrote the book, Strange Things in the Woods, where he shares stories of strange things that have happened to other people in woods. During the interview, Steve also talked about many strange disappearances that have happened in the mountains and woods, which he researches and covers on his YouTube Channel, Missing Persons Mysteries. If you like stories about spooky things happening in the woods, you will love my interview with Steve. We also get into the discussions about Bigfoot and while Steve has never exactly seen a Bigfoot, he has had many other experiences that have led him to believe he has been near these elusive creatures while hiking in remote areas of the woods.

Click on the link to purchase a hardcopy of Steve’s book, My Strange World, on Amazon.
Kindle Version:

Music by: Sergey Cheremisinov


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