The Afterlife & All Things Spiritual with Chris Lippincott

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Episode 76: On this episode, best-selling author of the book Spirits Beside Us, Chris Lippincott, who is also known as the MontClair Medium, joins me on the show. Chris is an internationally known psychic and medium and offers evidence that the spirit realm is much closer than we realize. Chris has a passion for providing comfort, healing and knowledge that our loved ones in spirit are alive and well and still care about us. Chris talked about his journey into embracing his gifts and how, as a child, he was afraid of the spirits who would visit him and repressed these abilities until later in his adult life. That is until he had a profound experience that was very similar to what some would call an out of body experience. That profound experience led Chris into the work he is involved in today, which is that of being a psychic and medium and helping others to connect with their deceased loved ones. During the interview, Chris talked about some of the things we might expect once we pass on and how we travel in soul groups as we go from this life to the next and as we reincarnate. He also talked about why some people stay in this earthly realm after they die, instead of crossing over. I also ask Chris whether his research into Near Death Experiences has helped to validate his beliefs. To find out more about Chris and his work, you can visit his website at:

Music by: Sergey Cheremisinov

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