Investigating & Tracking Bigfoot with Mike Quast

On this episode, author and longtime Bigfoot researcher and investigator, Mike Quast, joins me on the show.  Mike is a lifelong resident of Minnesota and had a Bigfoot sighting at the early age of 8.  For over 30 years, Mike has been trying to find answers to the Bigfoot mystery.   In his book, Bigfoot Chronicles: A Researcher’s Continuing Journey Through Minnesota and Beyond, he documents close to 700 reports that he has researched and gathered over the years.  During the interview, we discussed some of the most interesting reports he has investigated and about the current location which he is continuing to investigate and is one of the most compelling cases he has ever investigated and is located on private piece of land.  Mike also claims that this single case has at least opened his mind to the possibilities that there could even be more to the Bigfoot story than just an elusive flesh and blood primate.  He has found that in addition to the Bigfoot sightings at the site, strange lights and other weird phenomena have also been witnessed.  Mike also mentioned that the latest sighting happened just this year on Halloween Day.  Mike also talked about how he was able to visit the site where the famous Patterson- Gimlin film footage was captured.  All of Mike’s books can be purchased on Amazon. 

Music by:  Sergey Cheremisinov

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