Congressional Hearing on UFOs & Paranormal Fiction Author Betsey Kulakowski


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On this episode, during the intro I summarize the May 17th Congressional hearings on UFOs / UAPs, which included comments from several congressmen, to include Representatives Andre Carson, Eric Crawford, Adam Shiff and Mike Gallagher. Two defense officials attended the hearings and answered questions. The defense officials were The Deputy Director of Naval Intelligence, Scott Bray and Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security, Ronald Moultrie. Surprisingly, some of the hard hitting questions came from Republican Rep of Wisconsin, Mike Gallagher. He asked about covert initiatives between the Air Force’s Project Blue Book and AATIP, about UFOs shutting down missile silos over Malstrom AFB and about the veracity of the infamous Wilson-Davis Memo, which alleged that there are ongoing Special Access Programs within the US government concerning UFOs. The following URL provides a good summary of the hearing. https://theobservermagazine.substack…./UAPs%20tends%20to%20be%20more%20detailed%20than%20in%20the%20mainstream%20media.%20%3Ci%3EThe%20Observer%3C/i%3E%20covers%20%22The%20Basics.

Betsey Kulakowski, Author of the paranormal fiction series Veritas Codex, joined me to talk about her 4 book series and also her thoughts on paranormal and unexplained phenomena such as UFOs, Ghosts and Hauntings, Bigfoot and Strange Disappearances. In addition to being a fiction author, Betsey is also a Paranormal Investigator. To find out more about Betsey and her work, visit her author website at,

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