Ryan Stacey and The Experiencer Support Association


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Episode 115: On this episode, Ryan Stacey joins me on the show. Ryan is a certified Private Investigator and is the President and founder of The Experiencer Support Association (TESA). He is also the host of the Beyond the Thin Foil Hat Podcast and several other media programs. He previously worked with MUFON as the Director of Field Investigator Training and was the national Chief Investigator for MUFON in Canada.

Ryan talked about how he uses ultraspectrum classificaiton system to catalog and to investigate cases and about how he focuses on the experiencer and not the paranormal phenomena itself. Ryan believe that also by studying and investigating all types of experiencer cases, we will come to a greater understanding about how all unexplained phenomena is linked. You can visit the Experience Support Assocation website at, http://www.experiencersupport.org.

Music by: Sergey Cheremisinov

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