About the Site Author

I’m a retired Air Force Reserve Officer and have been involved in Paranormal Investigating for several years now.  I created the Passion for the Paranormal Podcast show in early 2017, and I’m having an amazing time doing the show.  The show covers all aspects of the paranormal and some of my guests have also been featured on other famous paranormal radio shows, to include Coast to Coast AM and Beyond Reality Radio.  My guests have included several paranormal authors and researchers, including UFO authors and/or researchers, Preston Dennett; Larry Holcombe; Nomar Slevik; Butch Witkowski and Paranormal researchers and authors Stan Gordon; William Hall; Brandon Massullo; Gary Michael Vasey; Mark Nesbitt; the Military Medium/Dean McMurray and NDE experiencer and author Jeff Nelson.     

If you or someone you know would like to be a guest on the show, please email me at, passion4theparanormal@gmail.com.  


Curry Stegen

Host:  Passion for the Paranormal