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Have you ever had a strange and unexplainable experience that made you question if it was real or not, because you were taught to believe such things are not real. My name is Curry Stegen and I have been a Paranormal Investigator for close to 10 years now. Before getting involved in the paranormal, I questioned whether ghosts and hauntings were real, or just the result of a person’s overactive imagination. That is, until I decided to explore the paranormal and find out for myself if there is any truth to the ghostly stories I read about, watched on television, or were told about by family and friends.

After getting involved in the paranormal, I quickly discovered that there is something real to all of it; that there are things that go bump in the night and that these things are really not something to fear, as some may lead you to believe. Instead, my journey has given me a renewed hope that we will all conquer death and live on after our earthly existence.

I have come to accept that there is something to many other types of unexplainable phenomena as well, as I discovered by exploring these things on my podcast show. My exploration into these unexplained phenomena have led me to believe that our universe is much more mysterious than I ever imagined.

Let me take you on a journey of self-discovery, from skeptic to believer; from a doubter to a believer that ghosts and spirits are not just stuff of people’s imagination, but something that can be experienced by anyone willing to open their mind to it.

In my new book, Walking in the Shadows of Strangers, I document my experiences as a Paranormal Investigator at over 20 different haunted locations. I have had many compelling experiences at these locations and even a few unsettling and creepy encounters. My journey into the paranormal has been quite remarkable, and even life changing, and I hope you will enjoy letting me share my journey with you.

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Being a Paranormal Detective & the Roswell After Action Report


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Episode 114: On this episode author of the book How to be a Paranormal Detective, Greg Lawson, joins me on the show. Greg Lawson is a 10-year military veteran and has traveled to over 40 countries visiting some of the Earth’s strangest sites and conducting his own investigations of their paranormal histories. He is also a 30-year law enforcement officer and a former expert witness for investigative procedures. Greg researches and investigates human paranormal experience and locations known for spiritual or unusual activity. He uses the thousands of hours of training he has received through his profession and his experience as a detective and a Masters Degree in Education to study paranormal human experience and physical anomalies.

Greg talked about his journey into the paranormal, a little about his views on the paranormal and ways in which Paranormal Investigators can up their game and become better investigators. He also talked about his research into the famous 1947 Roswell UFO incident, as document in his book, Roswell: The After Action Report. To find out more about Greg and his work you can visit his website at,

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