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Episode 110: On this episode, long time investigator, researcher, author and speaker, Stan Gordon, joins me once again on the show. Since 1965, Stan has been conducting on scene investigations of mysterious encounters in Pennsylvania. He has been involved with the examination of thousands of UFO and other strange reports from across the Keystone State. During the late 1960’s, Stan acted as a telephone report sighting coordinator for the UFO Research Institute of Pittsburgh. Stan has been internationally recognized as an authority on the subject of the UFO and Bigfoot phenomena. He gained prominence from his first hand investigation into the well remembered 1973 Bigfoot/UFO series of sightings and encounters which occurred in Pennsylvania. This outbreak brought worldwide attention to the subject.

Stan talked about how at 16 years old, the Kecksburg UFO incident helped launch him into his lifelong research into strange and unexplained activity across Pennsylvania and the Chestnut Ridge. Stan recapped his investigation into some of the strangest activity, in include many strange Bigfoot sightings, to include ones where strange balls of light have been witnessed and Bigfoot creatures with glowing eyes have simply vanished in plain sight. He also talked about some recent cases of reports of people seeing strange balls or spheres of light, which appeared to have an effect on some of the people who witnessed them. You can find out more about Stan and his work on his website at, https://www.stangordon.info/sp

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Mass UFO Sightings (Phoenix Lights)

In March of 1997, large triangular objects appeared over the skies of Phoenix, known as the Phoenix Lights. This was considered one of the largest mass UFO sightings in modern history, with over 10,000 witnesses involved. Witnesses include a medical doctor and best selling author, Dr. Lynne Kitei, law enforcement personnel, air traffic control, pilots, a famous actor and many more. Ultimately, the Air Force tried to convince the public that what they witnessed that night were flares being deployed from aircraft operating on the Barry Goldwater Range. Many credible witnesses to the event consider the craft they saw to be otherworldly and reject the Air Force’s claim that these were flares? Do you think there is a rational explanation for what people witnessed on that night? What is your favorite UFO case and why.