Paranormal Evidence


This phenomenal EVP was captured during an investigation at Making Scents Emporium on Historic 25th Street in Ogden. It is a full sentence. Can you make out what is being said?

This piece of audio evidence was captured at the Outlaws and Lawmen’s Jail Museum in Cripple Creek, CO.  The EVP is at about 4 seconds on the audio clip.  Can you tell what is being said?
This EVP was captured at Roosters on 25th St in Ogden.  The voice is captured at about the 4 to 5 second mark on the audio clip and appears to be responding to the investigators statement.  
This was captured at Mercur Cemetery, which is all that is left of an old mining town south of Tooele, UT.  The EVP is at about 13 seconds on the clip.  
This was captured at the Making Scents Emporium on 25th Street, Ogden, Utah.  The EVP is a full sentence and starts at about the 1 second mark on clip.  
This one is a truly remarkable EVP captured in Room 10 (formerly a surgery room) at the St Nicholas Hotel in Cripple Creek, CO.  There have been reports of a young girl’s voice and in this clip, you hear what sounds like a young girl singing.  I was asleep, but had my voice recorder running and it was captured at about 5:00 am. 

Video Evidence