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A Transformative Near Death Experience, Episode 61

Looking Into the Hanover Haunting & More with Joni Mayhan, Episode 60

Talking Haunted Objects with Steve Hummel, Episode 59

The Real Paranormal with Ted VanSon, Episode 58

The Remarkable & Harrowing Alien Abduction Accounts of Mike Stevens, Episode 57

Talking Haunted Hospitals with Mark Leslie, Episode 56

Railroad and WWII Hauntings with Matthew Swayne, Episode 55

Mysterious Cryptids with Ken Gerhard, Episode 54

Researching & Investigating Alien Abductions with Kathleen Marden, Episode 53

Spirits, Ghosts & Communicating with the Dead with Rob Gutro, Episode 52

Looking Back at Roswell with Tom Carey, Episode 51

Onboard UFO Encounters with Preston Dennett, Episode 50

Talking Paranormal Research & Investigation with Jack Kenna, Episode 49

Exploring Our Dreams with Kathleen O’ Keefe Kanavos, Episode 48

The Spectrum of High Strangeness and the MIB with Justin Bamforth, Episode 47

Ron Morehead and the Quantum Bigfoot, Episode 46

The High Strangeness of Skinwalker Ranch & the Uintah Basin with Ryan Burns, Episode 45

Haunted Rock and Roll with Matthew Swayne, Episode 44

A Hellish UFO Abduction Encounter with Terry Lovelace, Episode 43

Transitioning From This Life to The Next with Julie Ryan, Episode 42

Talking with Ghostographer Tim Scullion, Episode 41

Scary Best Ghost Stories with Gary Vasey & Listener Ghost Stories, Episode 40

Fighting the Good Fight on UFO Disclosure with Stephen Bassett, Episode 39

The Deadly & Harmful Aspects of UFOs with Rob Shelsky, Episode 38

The Trapped & Lost Souls of Pennhurst with Nick Carlson, Episode 37

Meeting Bigfoot with Craig Durham, Episode 36

Dying To Wake Up_A True NDE Account with Dr. Rajiv Parti, Episode 35

Otherworldly Stories & Abduction Accounts with Nomar Slevik, Episode 34

The Truth About the Afterlife with Stephen Hawley Martin, Episode 33

Amazing Afterlife of Animals with Karen Anderson, Episode 32

UFOs, Religion & Technology with Dr. Diana Pasulka, Episode 31

Victoria’s Secret Truth with Raymond Szymanski, Episode 30

The Most Haunted Hotel in America (Crescent Hotel) with Keith Scales, Episode 29

The Healing Power of UFOs with Preston Dennett, Episode 28

Paul Welch & Zach Watters Of Paranormal Veracity Media, Episode 27

A Skeptic’s Discovery that We Are Not Alone with Dr. Lynne Kitei, Episode 26 

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