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Have you had a ghostly encounter or haunting, UFO sighting, Alien Abduction, NDE, Bigfoot sighting or any other paranormal related experience you would like to share?  Provide your story in the Leave a Reply box below.


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  1. This story was emailed to me by Andrea from SLC, Utah and have her permission to share her story below.

    I was on an Indian reservation in southern Utah & my gent friend & I both saw sasquatch. It was the middle if the day about 100 ft away. He was about 7-8 ft tall (Going by the height of my gent friend who was 6’2″) it was crossing a dried up stream & looked straight at us. I should have been terrified. I wasn’t. It didn’t seem to care that we were there or want to hurt us- he only noticed us & kept moving along. We camped there that night & I wasn’t scared of him. The coyotes howls at night however, were actually more scary to me because the look on his face was actually peaceful- he was covered in fur on his body and a bit on his face.

  2. This story was also sent to me by Andrea from SLC, Utah and she gave me permission to share it on the site.

    I have also seen a UFO hovering near the Wasatch mountains right at the Wasatch front. I was with numerous cousins & we all saw it. We were at a home above the state capital so we could easily see all of the city. It was coming North toward us hugging the base of the mountain. It was exactly like you would think it would look like- a disk shape object & had a row of colored lights in the middle of it flashing and moving around the girth of the craft. It was there for a long time but then left in a flash and didn’t return.

    Thanks for sharing your stories Andrea.

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