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Have you had a ghostly encounter or haunting, UFO sighting, Alien Abduction, NDE, Bigfoot sighting or any other paranormal related experience you would like to share?  Provide your story in the Leave a Reply box below.

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  1. This story was emailed to me by Andrea from SLC, Utah and have her permission to share her story below.

    I was on an Indian reservation in southern Utah & my gent friend & I both saw sasquatch. It was the middle if the day about 100 ft away. He was about 7-8 ft tall (Going by the height of my gent friend who was 6’2″) it was crossing a dried up stream & looked straight at us. I should have been terrified. I wasn’t. It didn’t seem to care that we were there or want to hurt us- he only noticed us & kept moving along. We camped there that night & I wasn’t scared of him. The coyotes howls at night however, were actually more scary to me because the look on his face was actually peaceful- he was covered in fur on his body and a bit on his face.

  2. This story was also sent to me by Andrea from SLC, Utah and she gave me permission to share it on the site.

    I have also seen a UFO hovering near the Wasatch mountains right at the Wasatch front. I was with numerous cousins & we all saw it. We were at a home above the state capital so we could easily see all of the city. It was coming North toward us hugging the base of the mountain. It was exactly like you would think it would look like- a disk shape object & had a row of colored lights in the middle of it flashing and moving around the girth of the craft. It was there for a long time but then left in a flash and didn’t return.

    Thanks for sharing your stories Andrea.

  3. Sally Jo Talbot McNicol relayed this story to me in response to a post I provided on the Utah Haunted Places and People Facebook Group. She gave me permission to share her paranormal story, which is listed, word for word below.

    “I think the most paranormal experience I have had is when my Grate Dane “Piper”was a puppy. And she seem to always be playing with someone in the back your…..
    My granddaughter (age 20 at that time) said she seen a stick fly from nowhere and Piper went and got it.
    But the most chilling is when I was watching her play, trying to capture what my granddaughter shared with me. I watched her pick up a ball and put it in one of the holes she dug in the ground. Here it come. Popped out of the hole at her. Not hard. I couldn’t believe it. So I watched a few more times and it did it a few more times. Thing is. This ball was large. For a large dog. Heavy for her to carry”

  4. Jennifer Miller sent this story to me on the Passion for the Paranormal Facebook page and allowed me to share it.

    Sometimes between 3am-4am we can smell burnt toast or sometimes it’s a floral scented women’s perfume we can smell in our house between 3am-4am. Sometimes we also hear 3 loud knocks on a closed bedroom door, when we go to open the door, nobody is there. It’s a little creepy when that happens!

  5. Fastin Bastige of Colorado sent this quite fascinating yet creepy story to the Passion for the Paranormal Facebook page and allowed me to share it.

    The United 585 crash site (1991) is right outside my back yard. The entire neighborhood experiences apparitions and voices that can’t be explained. One wanders around my house all the time. He paces back and forth across my deck pretty much every day. I’ve seen him walk past my office and enter my bedroom on more than one occasion. My grandson saw him in the basement a couple times.

  6. Gabrielle Panas of SLC, UT shared this story on the Facebook page.

    Well about 3 weeks ago i watched a coke can move from one side of my cofee table to another. N move its way back. My son n i both watched it n i had my friend whos a reiki specialist come n cleansed it possesed my dog. N my spirit guides have been with me ever since.

  7. A friend of mine, Steve Hernandez of Ogden, Utah shared this story. At this old home, he and his wife had experienced some unusual activity, such as things turning up missing and then mysteriously suddenly reappearing. He shared this story recently.

    In the old house, we were sitting on the couch and Donna screamed then said something slapped her on the back. I started taking pictures right away but didn’t capture anything. I wish we would have thought to see if there was a hand print on her back.

  8. This story was shared by Jeff Benoit of Kent, WA.

    Friday 8/9/2019 myself and 3 friends all last minute decided lets take off on an impromptu last minute trip just an out back in the night to go do some Bigfoot Searching. We all love the outdoors and are into Cryptids. We all meet up at my place and set off from Federal Way, WA at around 7p.m. We had a clear and specific place in mind where we were headed. It is a place I have camped at for over a week before and not far from where one of us had an encounter a few years ago. Was a dark and weird night and I say that because there was only overcast and a storm rolling in causing it to be pitch black darkness. No moonlight, no starlight… nothing. We were in very close proximity to Mt. Rainier National Park off of Skate Creek Road and onto a Forest service Road#52 and then onto #84 in the High Rock Lookout area. We parked the van in a very specific spot I was very familiar with because I had camped this exact spot for over a week just a couple of years ago. By this point the sky is flashing from the lightning storm in the distance followed by no sound of thunder it was way off from us still at this point however the sky and cloud cover was acting as a projector of sorts in that these flashes were having a strobing effect i guess you could say. It was a quick flash to where you could see around only for a split second. Very creepy and mood setting but we didn’t care and were excited just to get away from work for the weekend and be out here just the guys even though it was an out and back type of thing. We get our gear on i.e. our firearms, jackets, and headlamps etc. After we finish gearing up it is at this point we shut the van off and all light sources and really take in just how quiet and dark and I mean eerily quiet and the darkest dark you can think of dark, the type of darkness where you can’t see your hand in front of you. The only light now was lightning. We then turn the key to the Aux setting and dial that car stereo up to the maximum setting and proceeded to play some vocalizations. It was a short audio clip that we played at least 4 to 6 times and waited in silence and….. Nothing. We then left the van and headed off on foot down the service road. My buddies were a little nervous which was understandable the atmosphere was a little unsettling. However, I was not at all nervous or anything because this place was familiar to me as I essentially lived here for a week a couple of years ago. I know where the road leads to and that when you reach the end you will know as it dead ends. I am now in the front with a headlamp my buddies are behind me and not being the quietest of people and that’s when they stop and say they here something to the right as though something was following us and was walking when we walked. I told them that they are crazy and they aren’t hearing anything and we laugh it off and proceed down the road. Pretty uneventful really. We reach the end of this road which opens to a clearing and clearly a spot people have shot at in the past. By this point that storm is over the top of us and the rain is coming down and the timing of lightning too thunderclap is only a couple of seconds. We decide we better head back to the van. Minus the weather and the quote on quote thing pacing us nothing eventful at all really happened. We got back to van threw our gear in changed our upper layers because by this point we are soaked. We get in and start off to explore deeper into the forest and find another spot to park and search. Weather wasn’t really agreeing with us on that and it was getting late. Next thing you know we zigged when we should have zagged and ended up on a very primitive road. Ended up turned around and lost for awhile until our driver found his way out and back onto the main Skate Creek Road. But let’s go back a little for a second, me and another friend are in the backseats and the driver and co pilot have windows down because we are all smokers so the heat is blasting. My friend sitting beside me asked them to shut the windows in the back because we are wet still and was chilly back there. So to be clear we are in a van with sliding doors on both sides and the only windows in the back that open only open maybe an inch outwards for venting. He tells us that they are closed and my buddy is now getting pissed because clearly there was a breeze and it clearly sounded like they were open. Finally we just dropped the window thing and proceeded onwards. Sorry I only bring up the windows and all that because what happens next. As I said before beside the weather and us getting lost etc. nothing eventful at all really happened, that is until we got back to my house. It was there that we discovered the cause of that breeze and reason for the whole window argument, one of the vans back windows had been broken. We only really discovered this as we were getting gear out of the van and noticed there was glass. GLASS? WTF happened???!!! That window didn’t break while we were anywhere near on in and or around the van. This is a window that only opens outwards on one side and the other sits in a metal housing track from top to bottom and the bottom of this track is bent outwards. Our initial thoughts were did something throw something at the window as we were on that walk? Did someone smash it and steal something? We looked and nothing was missing at all no bags no ammo no weapons nothing!!??? After some thinking we realized that whomever or whatever had broken that window would have too had grabbed the bottom corner and pulled it outwards and popped it. That would explain why that metal housing was bent. What we the noticed next was there was glass on top of the van?? We are all in disbelief at this and asking ourselves wtf could’ve happened and when? where? what?. It’s now 3 a.m. we are discovering this and we are all tired and wanting to get home but yet still talk about what could’ve happened. Once we grabbed our stuff and shut the hatch that is when I noticed it. We only noticed it because of how dirty that back windshield was and the light of my house down the drive way illuminating it…. What we discovered was a handprint with clear finger prints in the thumb the index finger and palm on the glass. The print is huge from base of palm to ridge just below the fingers was as big as my hand. In that and around that print we were able to recover a couple of hair samples. WTF HAPPENED LAST NIGHT!!!!!!????? Did those vocalizations send out a distress call that was answered and investigated as though one of their own was injured and or trapped in that van I don’t know!!!!

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