The Remarkable & Harrowing Alien Abduction Accounts of Mike Stevens

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Episode 57: On this episode, UFO and paranormal author and researcher and repeat guest, Nomar Slevik, along with Alien Abduction Experiencer, Mike Stevens, join me to talk about Mike’s remarkable life long ET Encounters. From early childhood, Mike has had Alien Abduction experiences and dealt with intense mental trauma as a result of his experiences. In Nomar’s latest book, Granite Skies: A Disconcerted Journey Through the Unknown, Nomar documents the harrowing yet remarkable experiences Mike has had over his lifetime. It is also a story of how Mike triumphed over his mental condition and now works with the KRI Research Center for Consciousness to help others cope with experiences similar to his. This is a an amazing interview and discussion that you don’t want to miss.

Nomar’s website: nomarslevik.bigcartel.com

Music by: Sergey Cheremisinov