Making Contact via EVP with Martha Copeland



pisode 106: Author of I’m Still Here and founder of “The Big Circle – Bridge to the Afterlife, Martha Copeland, joins me on the show. Martha Copeland lost her daughter Cathy in a car accident in 2001. This loss triggered Martha’s desire to contact Cathy, on the other side, through Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) recording sessions. As Martha’s EVP knowledge and experiences deepened, she authored the book,” I’m Still Here” and was a founder of “The Big Circle – Bridge to the Afterlife.” This group is made up of bereaved parents, spouses, siblings and friends, whose mission is to build a bridge to their loved ones in spirit. Her work continued as Martha appeared on various television shows to promote EVP and the Big Circle. In 2005, Martha worked with Universal Studios on the movie “White Noise” and appears in the bonus section of the White Noise DVD where Martha and other mothers discussed their personal experiences with EVP and the “Big Circle”. Martha talked about her remarkable story and how she came to become involved with using EVP to make contact with her deceased daughter and other family. We also played some of the many EVPs she has captured over the years and Martha provided some background and context to each of the EVP recordings played. You can also find more about the EVP group Martha mentioned at, Visit to reference EVP audio clips played on this episode.

Music by: Sergey Cheremisinov

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