Peeling Back the Mystery of Astral Projection with Cal Melkhez


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Episode 99: On this episode, Spiritual Life Coach and Astral Projection Practitioner Cal Melkhez joins me on the show. With his background in Psychology, Cal has a unique perspective on the mind and has dedicated himself to understanding human consciousness. Along that pursuit Cal has learned and taught the benefits of meditation, binaural beats, holotropic breathing, transcendental meditation, Astral Projection, and Ritual Magic. Cal is also the host of the The Astral Mind Podcast with over 4,000 Subscribers and his mission is to awaken people to their full potential and help them to never stop adventuring. Cal discussed his experiences with lucid dreaming and how that eventually led him to having his first Astral Projection experience. He talked about how anyone can learn to have lucid dreams, reach enlightenment and do Astral Projection. Cal remarked that often times people think that you require special gifts to perform these things, but claims that it is an something that everyone has inside them. Cal also talked about how there is nothing more important than focusing in and being in tune with the present. You can find more out about Cal and his work, to include the Astral Mind Podcast by visiting his YouTube Channel at,

Music by: Sergey Cheremisinov