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Episode 88: On this episode, authors and remote viewers Debra Katz and Jon Knowles join me to talk about the intriguing practice of Remote Viewing. Remote Viewing was practiced by the military until at least 1995, if not longer, and has many practicioners to this day. Debra and Jon are both accomplished remote viewers and together they wrote the book, Associative Remote Viewing: The Art & Science of Predicting Outcomes for Sports, Politics, Finances & the Lottery. During the interview, Debra and Jon talking about the many applications of Remote Viewing, in addition to military applications, to include helping to locate lost objects, assisting with Law Enforcement cases, missing person cases and with the book, how to use it to for things like the Stock Market, Sports Betting and the Lottery. We also discussed events that Remote Viewing has been successful at predicting, such as helping to locate Sadaam Hussein and instances where people have even used Remote Viewing for winning tickets playing the Lottery. Debra also talked about how Remote Viewers have seen ETs and other unexplained experiences during remote viewing sessions and how remote viewing ties into the belief that consciousness resides outside the brain.

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