Episode 36: Meeting Bigfoot with Craig Durham

Episode Link: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/meeting-bigfoot-with-craig-durham/id1243344846?i=1000446969222
On this episode, Craig Durham joins me to talk about his truly remarkable story about how he and a friend had an amazing encounter with Bigfoot while Mountain Biking near Mount Shasta in Northern California. He documented this story in his book, The Day I Met Bigfoot. This is not only a story about an up close encounter with Bigfoot, but it also is a story about being young and throwing caution to the wind, getting lost in the woods and about finding love. You will love this story.

Music by: Sergey Cheremisinov

Craig’s website: http://www.thedayimetbigfoot.com

You can purchase the Craig’s book on Amazon, using the links below.