Looking Back at Roswell with Tom Carey

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Episode 51: Tom Carey has been investigating the 1947 Roswell Incident for over 30 years now and joins me to talk about what he has gleaned from his long time research. We discussed how he thinks the incident unfolded, key witnesses, and what his conclusions were. After many years of research, Tom believes with 100 percent certainty, that an alien spacecraft crash north of Roswell on the early July 1947 day. He also believes that the most likely, lighting brought the otherworldly craft down. Tom also believes, based on his research, that not only were remnants of the craft recovered by the military, but five alien bodies were also recovered, one of which was still alive. The Roswell case is perhaps still one of the most significant UFO cases ever and is still as relevant today as it was 20 to 30 years ago.

Tom Carey’s website: roswellinvestigator.com

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Onboard UFO Encounters with Preston Dennett

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Episode 50: On this episode, prolific UFO author and researcher Preston Dennett, joins me again to talk about 15 new cases of people who have claimed to have been brought aboard UFOs.  These cases are documented in his new book, Onboard UFO Encounters:  True Accounts of Contracts with Extraterrestrials.  Preston covers a case where an individual was given a dire warning about mankind’s destructive ways, medical experiments, an individual who willingly decides to leave with friendly ETs, never to return.  A woman who meets her alien human hybrid son, a military man who meets a reptilian alien during his military service, a woman who is brought aboard a UFO to help rescue people during a volcanic eruption and much more.  Preston has been investigating UFOs for over 30 years and has now written over 20 books, many of which are on the UFO subject.

Preston’s website: https://prestondennett.weebly.com/

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Ron Morehead and the Quantum Bigfoot

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Episode 46: On this episode, long-time Bigfoot researcher and author, Ron Morehead joins me talk about his alternative theories for the Bigfoot/Sasqautch phenomena. Ron’s audio recordings of these creatures are considered to be one of the first authentic and genuine audio recordings ever captured. So many skeptics do not believe in Bigfoot, as there has been no conclusive physical evidence provided. Ron provides alternative explanations for these sightings, to include interdimensional, spiritual and even alien involvement in their existence. It is an intriguing discussion and one that may open up your mind to other possibilities for so many Bigfoot sightings.

For more information about Ron’s work, visit: ronmorehead.com

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Episode 45: The High Strangeness of Skinwalker Ranch & the Uintah Basin with Ryan Burns

Episode 45: On this episode, we explore the mysterious and infamous activity in and around Skinwalker Ranch in Northeastern Utah. Long time Paranormal Investigator of the area, Ryan Burns, joins me to talk about some of the strange activity in the area and his experience investigating in the Uintah Basin for over a decade. We discuss some of the claims made by the Sherman ranchers and of Mr. Bigelow’s researchers, who spent years researching the high strangeness that occurs on the ranch. Some of the activity includes strange craft and lights witnessed in the sky, unexplained cattle mutilations, Strange crytpids, e.g. Bigfoot like creatures, Dogmen and Shapeshifters. We also discuss the stories of Native American curses put on the land. Skinwalker Ranch and the Uintah Basin have been the site of some of the most unusual paranormal activity every reported.

Ryan Burns website: ryanpatrickburns.com

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