Secret Space Program & ET Presence on Earth with Kerry Cassidy

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Episode 64: On this episode, author, investigative reporter, documentary filmaker and CEO of Project Camelot, Kerry Lynn Cassidy, joins me. For over 15 years, Kerry has been interviewing whistleblowers across the globe about controversial issues surrounding the ET presence on earth, black projects, the Secret Space Program, free energy and more. Kerry’s Project Camelot Youtube Channel has over 257,000 subscribers and over 66 million views worldwide. Kerry discussed how the ET presence has been covered up for decades, to include the actual origins of mankind. She talked about how under the Secret Space Program, we are now traveling among the stars, unlike what most people believe with the traditional NASA space programs. She also talked about how our creation was brought about by multiple ETs and how facets of our government has even been working with some of these ETs. You can find more out about Kerry’s work on her website at,

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Star Nations & ETs & Their Agenda for Earth with Eva Marquez

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Episode 62: Healer, spiritualist & author Eva Marquez joins me to talk about ETs, Star Nations & the Starseeds & how Ancient Aliens may have seeded life here on Earth. Eva talked about how star nations like the Pleidians are here to help us to peacefully evolve into a greater cosmic awareness & about how some ETs may actually be living among us. Eva also discussed how these beings can communicate at higher vibrations and energy levels. We also talked about the famous 1997 Phoenix Lights incident & the belief that the Pleidians may have been responsible for those mass sightings. To find out more about Eva’s work visit her website at,