Boyd House & Other Famous Haunted Locations with Jill Shelley


Episode 69: On this episode, Founder and Lead Investigator of St Croix Paranormal, Jill Shelley joins me to talk about some of her experiences investigating famous locations, to include Waverly Hills, Vallisca Axe Murder House, Bobby Mackeys, Ashmore Estates, Edinburgh Manor and the Boyd House. Her group was featured on the Biography Channel’s My Ghost Story, for a bar they investigated in the Minnesota area.  In 2018, Jill fulfilled a dream of hers and purchased a haunted location, known as the Boyd House, where her team does research and investigates and allows others to investigate there as well.  At the house, they have seen shadow figures, many EVPs and disembodied voices, phantom footsteps, doors opening by themselves, equipment interaction and even objects moving.  Jill talked about some of her most significant experiences she has had investigating some very famous haunted locations. To find out more about Jill and her group, or about renting and investigating the Boyd House, visit her website at,

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The Occult, UFOs

UFOs and the Occult with Isaac Weishaupt

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Episode 66: On this episode, author and creator of the website, joins me to talk about his work in researching UFOs and their connection to the occult, as documented in his new book, Aliens, UFOs and the Occult: Use Your Illusion 1. Using examples of familiar pop culture and works of entertainment, Isaac has been speaking and writing about the occult from a unique perspective that seeks to understand the big agenda. Isaac talked about how the influence of early occult practicioners like Aleister Crowley and how his work influenced others like Jack Parsons, how it has grown into a larger movement and how it also carries over into the UFO phenomena. He talked about how Aleister Crowley claimed to have channeled a Grey Alien and how followers of Aleister Crowley, were conducting occult rituals in the desert, to include communication with ETs and soon afterwards the Roswell UFO crash of 1947 occurred. He also talked about how Gnosticism has influenced modern day UAP UFO disclosure advocates, such as Tom Delonge, Peter Levenda and the TTSA movement. Isaac talked about how gnoticism and new age spiritual beliefs are trying to supplant traditional Christian beliefs in order to create a New World Order and New World Religion, with an Antichrist at the head. We also debated the other side of the coin, in how traditional religion has tried to silence truths, such as Galileo trying to prove that the planets revolve in eliptical orbits around the sun. You can find more information about Isaac and his work at, 

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Born Haunted with Nate Michael

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Episode 63: On this episode, debut author Nate Michael joins me to share some of his spooky stories as a result of his lifelong encounters with the paranormal and supernatural, as documented in his book, Born Haunted: My Lifelong Encounters with the Paranormal. Nate started having frightening encounters at a very early age and has had paranormal experiences throughout his life, to include encounters with possible malevolent spirits. Nate finally came to terms with his paranormal encounters and now considers it to be a positive influence on his life. You can find more information about Nate on his website at,

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