The Wright-Patterson AFB ET Mystery & the Dexter UFO Case with Ray Szymanski

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Episode 80: On this episode, former Wright-Patterson AFB Engineer, Raymond Szymanski, returns to the show. Ray recently completed the third book in his Alien Shades of Greys series, Swamp Gas My Ass. Ray joined me to talk about the 1966 case he covers in the new book, which was a UFO incident that occurred in late March of 1966, where many people in and around the town of Dexter Michigan witnessed strange lights and craft in the sky. Ray interviewed one of the two F-106 pilots who were scrambeled from Selfridge AFB near Detroit to intercept the UFOs. The incident was investigated by the Air Force Project Blue Book’s Jay Allen Hynek, who quickly concluded that it was Swamp Gas, despite the many witnesses accounts, to include the Air Force pilot Ray interviewed. The Air Force pilot he interviewed claims he had radar lock on one of these craft and then it suddenly disappeared. Ray also discussed the research form his first book, Alien Shades of Greys: Evidence of Extraterrestrial Visitation to Wright-Patterson AFB and Beyond, where Ray believes there is at least two credible military witnesses, to include former Army Intelligence Officer Jesse Marcel, who said that material retrieved from the 1947 Roswell UFO crash was brought to Wright-Patterson to be analyzed and reverse engineered. He also talked about how some people who worked there believed had mentioned that ETs were being kept in the tunnels below the base. Wright-Patterson was also the Headquarters for the Air Force’s Project Blue Book. He also talked about his reasons for believing the Air Force’s Project Blue Book was setup to intentionally debunk UFO cases without properly investigating them, as was the case with the Dexter, MI UFO incident.

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