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Episode 103: On this episode, the Social Psychic, Jason Zuk, joins me. Jason is an Intuitive Psychic Medium residing in Tampa, Florida and is also a licensed attorney. Jason adopted the pseudonym “Jason Zuk” in honor of his grandfather whose death inspired him on his spiritual path. When Jason’s grandfather passed away in August 2004, he developed his intuitive abilities and realized that he possesses the ability to communicate with the other side. Since that time, Jason has read for hundreds of people and he has learned that our deceased loved ones tend to remain with us after they cross over to the other side.

Jason talked about his remarkable experience he when his grandfather visited time, shortly after he passed away and about his spiritual journey since. He now does spiritual work full-time and talked about how our deceased loved ones try to reach us and about some of his experiences along his spiritual journey. If you want to find out more about Jason, or to book a session with him, visit his website at:

Music by: Sergey Cheremisinov

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