Past Life Regression & Reincarnation Karma with Joanne Dimaggio


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Episode 85: On this episode, Joanne Dimaggio joins me to talk about the Past Life Regression sessions of 25 people she covered in her reserach study, as documented in one of her latest books, I Did It to Myself Again! Joanne had a long career in marketing and public relations before pursuing a successful freelance writing career. She’s had hundreds of articles published in national and local newspapers, magazines, and websites. In 1987 she became actively involved with Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.). In 1995, she moved to Charlottesville, Virginia and eventually became Coordinator for the A.R.E. Charlottesville area in 2008. She earned her Master’s in Transpersonal Studies degree through Atlantic University (AU), was named the first president of The Atlantic University Alumni Association and in 2010 was named AU’s “Outstanding Graduate.” She leads workshops on the subject of soul writing to audiences across the country and has been a guest on numerous radio programs.

Joanne also talked about the experiences some of her research subjects had when they died in a previous life and crossed over into the Afterlife. We also talked about the role of Spirit Guides, Life Reviews, how karma comes into play when someone reincarnates and about the process she uses for conducting Past Life Regression sessions.

You can find out more about Joanne’s work on her website at,

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Outlandish & Bizarre UFO Cases with Marcus Lowth



Episode 84:

On this episode, author and UFO researcher, Marcus Lowth joins me on the show.

Marcus Lowth is a writer with a love for UFOs, aliens, the paranormal, general conspiracies and unsolved mysteries. He has been writing and researching for over 20 years and is the Editor-in-Chief of UFO Insight, a website dedicated to providing in-depth articles discussing not only some of the most intriguing UFO sightings from history.

UFO Insight also covers alleged encounters with aliens and the paranormal. In late 2019, Marcus released his first UFO book, From Deep Within The Archives of UFO Insight: History’s Most Bizarre, Outlandish, and Controversial UFO and Alien Encounters.

Marcus talked about some of the cases from his book, From Deep Within the Archives of UFO Insight book, to include UFO encounters and abduction cases that many may not have heard of.

We discussed a 1952 case, where a B-52 had a strange sighting of a UFO over the Gulf of Mexico that looked that it joined up with a mother ship, along with many other bizarre UFO cases, to include one where a person was abducted and taken to an undersea alien base, the 1972 Rose Bowl Helicopter UFO sightings, the 1981 Hamilton Harbor UFO Incident, a Police Sergeant and his sighting of Tall White Aliens in the UK and much much more.

You can access some more of the stories Marcus writes about on the UFO Insight website at,

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Extraordinary Contract & Strange Encounters with Debra Jordan-Kauble



Episode 83:

On this episode, author, contactee and former MUFON Investigator, Debra Jordan Kauble joins me on the show.

Debra was the central figure in Budd Hopkins’s New York Times best-seller, “Intruders, the Incredible Visitations at Copley Woods”, originally published in 1987.In Debra’s new book, Extraordinary Contact, Life Beyond Intruders, she shares her close up and persona experiences with UFOs, poltergeists, the afterlife, EVPs, synchronicities, and non-human entities.

Debra talked about her contact experiences, to include the contactee experience she had in 1983, which was written about in the Intruders book.

Debra forgot most of the experience, but later began to recall more and more of it.

She also talked about a 1978 experience, where ETs entered her room at night and a near death experience that she had in 1979.

She also talked about a 1965 abduction experience her sister had and about the paranormal experiences her family had over the years, to include some strange experiences she had after her 1983 contact experience, to include a few poltergeist experiences in which she decided to also delve into paranormal investigating and research.

Debra talks about these incredible experiences and a little about her experiences while doing paranormal investigating.

She commented that she hopes people will continue to talk more freely about the ET abduction, contactee and paranormal experiences, so we can continue to learn and advance our knowledge of these strange encounters.

You can find out more about Debra and her work on here website at,

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