Making the Case for an Afterlife with Jeffrey Mishlove


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Episode 111: On this episode, Jeffrey Mishlove joins me to talk about his case for life after death. Jeff earned a doctorate degree in Parapyschology from UC Berkley and was the grand prize winner of the Bigelow Institute for Consciousness Studies (BICS) Essay contest, making the best case for life after death and consciousness outside the brain, entitled “Beyond the Brain”. He is the author of the books, The Roots of Consciousness, Psi Development Systems and The PK Man and is the host of the New Thinking Allowed show.

Jeff provides nine lines of evidence for proof of the afterlife in the essay and we talked about several of them, to include Near Death Experiences (NDEs), mediumship, reincarnation, instrumental transcoummication, possession and more. He also described an experience he had in his early 20s, where he believe he was visited by his deceased Great Uncle in his dream and communicated with him. Jeff stated that this experience was so profound that it led him into his work and study Parapshychology.

He is the only person in the US to ever receive a doctoral degree in Paraphsychology from an accredited university. Jeff also discussed with me things like psychokineses, which wrote a book about and poltergeists, all are also topics that help make the case for life after death. To find out more about Jeff and his work, visit and

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