Researching & Investigating Alien Abductions with Kathleen Marden

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Episode 53: On this episode, long time UFO and Alien Abduction Researcher, Kathleen Marden, joins me to talk about her 30 plus years of research into the UFO and Alien Abduction phenomena. The niece of the famous Betty and Barney Hill of the famous 1961 UFO abduction case, Kathleen discussed how that case influenced her decision to delve into a life long pursuit into researching Alien Abductions. In her latest book, Extraterrestrial Contract: What to do When You Have Been Abducted, Kathleen covers research she has done into Abductions and things you can do to help prevent becoming a repeat victim of Alien Abductions. She also covers her approach to doing Hypnotic Regression with Abductee’s she works with and some commonalities of abductees and some physical evidence for them being taken. Kathleen always talks with me about how thoughts on recent developments in the UFO community, to include the recent release of the US Navy videos and the Pentagon’s announcement that the videos are genuine. She also talks about her many years of work with the late and recently deceased UFologist, Stanton Friedman, to include Stanton’s interest and work with her on the Betty and Barney Hill case and subsequent work. It is a fascinating journey into her many years of research into the subject.

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